FASD Wellbeing Workshop – Living in the Here and Now

On 28 October 2017, the first NOFAS-UK FASD Wellbeing Workshop, ‘Living in the Here and Now,’ featured Dr Cassie Jackson, Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist, and Andy Jackson, member National FASD Advisory Committee. The workshop featured presentations followed by Q&A (not filmed) and scenarios for small group problem solving. NOFAS-UK seeks to maximise the impact of these workshops by freely sharing the insights and content.  You are not alone!

Dr C. Jackson “Living in the Here and Now” NOFAS-UK FASD Wellbeing Workshop (PDF)

Top tips from the small group breakout sessions:

      FASD Wellbeing Scenario 1 (PDF)

FASD Wellbeing Scenario 2 (PDF)

Info for Parents & Carers After Diagnosis Cassie Jackson (nee Hunt)