Welcome to NOFAS-UK

NOFAS-UK  (The National Organisation for Foetal* Alcohol Syndrome-UK) is dedicated to supporting people affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), their families and communities. It promotes education for professionals and public awareness about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  NOFAS-UK is a source for information on FASD to the general public, press and to medical and educational professionals.

NOFAS-UK has been leading the debates in the UK since 2003.  We value diversity and place a high priority on raising the voices of those with FASD, birth mothers, adopters, foster carers, kinship carers and all those who live with and seek to help those with FASD.  We are active in social media on Facebook, Twitter, and as a founding member of the FASD UK Alliance, via the FASD UK Facebook Support Group.

We are here to help.  Please check back frequently for updates on our work, and feel free to share any suggestions you might have as to ways we can further strengthen the community of people seeking change and support.

(* ‘Foetal’ is the British spelling; to search for medical studies and other resources online, use the international medical spelling ‘fetal’.)

Recognising FASD – Pamphlet

A new NICE Quality Standard on FASD is coming in 2020 based on the Scottish SIGN 156 guideline. This pamphlet explains the diagnostic process. The pamphlet is available here.

Brain Base: FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days

The 2nd Brain Base too place 17-19 August 2019 at the Seashell Trust in Cheshire. Young and old alike had a great time. Further information available here

Informal Roundtable on Forthcoming NICE Quality Standard on FASD, Manchester, 17 May 2019

NOFAS-UK held a side event about the recent news that NICE is developing a quality standard on FASD at the launch of the Greater Manchester Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies Programme on 17 May. A report, 4-page Easy Read Policy Matters and further information is available here.

NOFAS-UK Welcomes the Greater Manchester Alcohol-Free Pregnancies Programme

NOFAS-UK Chief Executive Sandy Butcher joined with Susan McGrail of FASD North West to lead two workshops at the 17 May 2019 Greater Manchester Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies Programme launch. For more information about this programme, click here.

Crisis of Commissioning: CCGs are Failing Government Policy on FASD

Report based on Freedom of Information requests to all CCGs and Trusts.  An Easy Read version also available. This report was covered in the BMJ.


NOFAS-UK now serves as the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on FASD and has a new section of our website devoted to this.

FASD Wellbeing Workshop 

Where Body and Mind Meet: Understanding Sensory Integration

Key issues affecting individuals with FASD and strategies for support were explored in a relaxed atmosphere with a leading expert, Joanne Pennell, Consultant Occupational Therapist. The PDF of her presentation is available for those who were unable to join us.

My Brain, Me and FASD

To mark the 2018 International FASD Awareness Day, NOFAS-UK is pleased to launch an innovative booklet, My Brain, Me and FASD, designed to promote wellbeing among children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It provides information in a fun and visual format, emphasising the strengths of those with FASD and highlighting strategies that can help.

Hear Our Voices: FASD Stakeholders Share Their Experiences with Policy Makers

 Hear Our Voices (PDF)
Publication from the FASD UK Alliance based on experiences of individuals with FASD and families across the UK. 

Open Letter to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

An Open Letter to Prince Harry and Meghan, Huffington Post, 8 November 2018

NOFAS-UK Chief Executive Sandra Butcher writes an open letter to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, thanking them for their leadership in promoting alcohol-free pregnancy.

If you are pregnant

If you are pregnant, or thinking of becoming pregnant, and want to know more about pregnancy and alcohol: