NOFAS-UK Projects


The NOFAS-UK Helpline responds to enquiries from parents, family members, carers and others needing advice or referrals for children with FASD disabilities. The Helpline also receives calls from pregnant women, midwives and medical professionals. In addition, NOFAS-UK works in cooperation with sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance to co-administer the vibrant FASD UK Facebook group that supports more than 1,900 families.


NOFAS-UK organises events focused on wellbeing for families and carers of children with FASD. People with FASD and families share experience and advice. Parents gain mutual support from one another. Specialist speakers are invited to selected meetings. The Mitchell Family Trust and The Vintners Foundation kindly support our Wellbeing programme.


NOFAS-UK provides resources that help support those with FASD at home and in school. We make these available as widely as possible.


NOFAS-UK provides full day and half-day in-house training sessions to public and private organisations. We also work with a network of people who can provide trainings if we are not able to do so.

GPs & Midwives

NOFAS-UK works to increase professional understanding about FASD and the risks of alcohol in pregnancy among GPs and midwives via our publications, our online resources and via special projects. Diageo has provided invaluable support for this work over several years.

Public Health Policy

NOFAS-UK works with stakeholders to raise the voices and concerns of those affected by FASD with policy makers and change agents. We work in coalition with the FASD UK Alliance, a network of organisations across the UK seeking positive change.

FASD Online Course

A CPD registered online FASD course for medical professionals, parents and everyone interested in FASD.

Organisational Funding and Support

NOFAS-UK is grateful for the financial support of a range of individuals and funders who make our work possible. As a condition of receiving funding, NOFAS-UK maintains strict substantive independence over our work. Current and recent supporters include: The Sylvia Adams Trust, The Mitchell Charitable Trust, Diageo GB, the Vintners Fund and a range of individual supporters who have impressed us greatly with their creativity and determination.

We also rely on the goodwill and expertise of a range of volunteers who support our work in ways big and small. These include Elizabeth Mitchell (Helpline Advisor), Martin Carter (website) and a range of others, including medical, educational and scientific experts from across the UK and those with lived experience – people with FASD and their families and caregivers, as well as the leaders of sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance. Thank you all!