My Brain, Me and FASD

To mark the 2018 International FASD Awareness Day, NOFAS-UK is pleased to launch an innovative booklet designed to promote wellbeing among children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It provides information in a fun and visual format, emphasising the strengths of those with FASD and highlighting strategies that can help.

My Brain, Me and FASD (PDF)

My Brain, Me and FASD was developed as a resource for our Brain Base: FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days. Building on the success of that programme, we hope to get this into the hands of as many children and young people with FASD as possible.

If you would like to order a hard copy, please send an email with your complete address to: The booklet is free. That said, if you are able, we would appreciate help in covering printing, shipping and handling costs (we are not making any money off the sale of this booklet): £2 in the UK and £5 for international requests. We can provide payment details when you contact us.