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This report focuses on the adverse health impacts of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, and in particular the problem of FASD. It continues the work of the Board on alcohol and public health which has resulted in a number of publications including Binge drinking (2005), Adolescent health (2003), Alcohol and young people (1999), Alcohol: guidelines on sensible drinking (1995), and The BMA guide to alcohol and accidents (1989).

The report aims to raise awareness of FASD by examining the incidence, cause and outcomes of the range of disorders associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It further outlines the responsibilities of healthcare professionals and the wider medical community in managing and reducing the incidence of these disorders. This report is intended for healthcare professionals and relevant bodies with strategic or operational responsibility for public health and health promotion.

Professor Sir Charles George
Chair, Board of Science
The Board on Alcohol and Public Health

Download British Medical Association report: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Report Feb 2016