2019 Brain Base: FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days

For details about last year’s programme, click here. Great fun was had by all!

We had an amazing Brain Base 2019. A huge thanks to all the young people, parents/carers and speakers who joined us! And especially to the talented team that made this possible. More details will be available soon from our event.

Participants shared their ‘stay cool’ strategies. This was made into a poem and acted out in the final showcase.

This “Stay Cool Toolkit” is designed to help them remember things we covered.

Final logistics, bios and schedule

Young Person’s Pack

A generous and exciting offer from OurBoards – OurBoards are donating a free gift for all attending the 2019 Brain Base and a 20% discount for all families connected with NOFAS-UK who order from their website with the code NOFAS2019. See www.ourboards.co.uk for their full range of visual planners.