UK Policy Makers’ Statements

This section links to official statements about FASD and alcohol in pregnancy provided by Government, along with other mentions in Parliament. This is a start – it is not yet complete and will be updated over time.

Please note: we collected this information from a search for ‘foetal alcohol’ in the They Work For You database, which can be incomplete. It’s not meant to be a definitive record (apologies in advance to any whose contributions might not have been captured in this process). It’s provided as a general overview of the types of discussions held on FASD in Parliament(s) over time. It shows that these issues have long been brought to the attention of Government. And yet, prevention efforts are inadequate and generations of children with FASD have grown into adults with FASD (often undiagnosed) without Government action to meet their needs comprehensively.

These highlights include quotes from the Scottish Parliament, where the leaders’ statements have been concrete and have led to action (though more remains to be done there as well).

2018 statements

2017 Statements

2016 Statements

2015 Statements

2014 Statements

2013 Statements

2012 Statements

2011 Statements

2010 Statements

2009 Statements

2008 Statements

2007 Statements

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