UK Policy Makers’ Statements

This section links to official statements about FASD and alcohol in pregnancy provided by Government, along with other mentions in Parliament. This is a start – it is not yet complete and will be updated over time.

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Parliamentary Roundtable

Our Forgotten Children:
Report from a roundtable discussion with FASD stakeholders, co-chaired by Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins and Mr Bill Esterson, MP in the
Houses of Parliament on 23 May 2018

Our Forgotten Children: The Urgency of Aligning Policy with Guidance on the Effects of Antenatal Exposure to Alcohol (PDF)


1 – Government policy regarding Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) should be reviewed with urgency.
2 – Increased training on FASD is essential for achieving Government’s goals.
3 – There is a continuing need for prevalence studies of the full FASD spectrum, but this does not justify inaction regarding improved delivery of diagnosis and support.
4 – FASD should be linked with Government efforts to improve mental health – stakeholders should be engaged.
5 – Policy leverage points exist and should be further explored.
6- This is the beginning of a heightened dialogue, engagement with constituents is key.

Hear Our Voices: FASD Stakeholders Speak Out

A new report from the FASD UK Alliance – prepared by NOFAS-UK. Drawing on experiences of more than 50 individuals and families affected by FASD.

Hear Our Voices (PDF)