What We Do

NOFAS-UK Projects

ELIZABETHNational Helpline

The NOFAS-UK Helpline responds to enquiries from parents, family members, carers and others needing advice or referrals for children with FASD disabilities. The Helpline also receives calls from pregnant women, midwives and medical professionals concerning FASD Prevention.

Support FASD-support-groupGroups

NOFAS-UK organises support group meetings for families and carers of children with FASD every other month. Families share experience and advice. Parents gain mutual support from one another and keep in touch between meetings. Specialist speakers are invited to selected meetings.


NOFAS-UK provides full day and half-day in-house training sessions to public and private organisations. We customise special sessions for foster carers, schools, midwives, parents, prison services and others. The training helps to improve understanding awareness and a more positive approach to FASD. The knowledge and advice provided can apply in both home and professional settings.

Midwives Studmidwife_trainingy Day

The Midwives Study Day was created by NOFAS-UK for Diageo, to provide positive health information to midwives. NOFAS-UK organises study days all over the UK for midwives.

NOFAS-UK International FASD Medical Advisory PanelAdvisoryPanel-small

The panel was founded in 2004 at the Royal College of Medicine to bring together doctors, researchers and leading experts with the widest FASD experience and knowledge base. The panel advises NOFAS-UK on all medical projects and enquires.

Educationdvd pical Films

The Educational Films include – “ A Child for Life” and “No Alcohol, No Risk”. The films come with a teaching plan to assist and educate midwives, families, schools and other bodies about the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. There are 3 different short films that are made especially for GP’s, Pregnant Women and Parents & Carers respectively.

Publimitchellc Health Policy

NOFAS-UK works with Lord Mitchell and the Department of Health in helping to initiate public health policy and new research related to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and its prevention.


CPD Conferences for Health and Welfare Professionals

Our conferences are designed to give education about FASD to Health professionals (GP’s, Health Visitors, Nurses), Social Workers, Foster Carers, Teachers, Parents and Guardians.

Fetal Alcohol Forum

A bi-annual medical e-letter devoted to the latest fetal alcohol research. It also features articles written by FASD experts exclusively for the FETAL ALCOHOL FORUM. It has over 2,600 subscribers worldwide.

FASD Online Course

A CPD registered online FASD course for medical professionals, parents and everyone interested in FASD.

Organisational Support

We liaise with fostering organisations, schools and prison services and all others who are interested in developing their theoretical and practical knowledge about FAS/FASD.


Feedback from our Service Users

‘The NOFAS-UK Helpline team was amazing in helping me with some directions on how to deal with my adopted son. We will be in contact again as we seek to provide Luke with everything possible to meet his needs.’
Adoptive Parent

‘Your training was extremely eye opening. I had no idea of the huge effects of alcohol during pregnancy. Absolutely fantastic day.’
Social Worker

‘Your help with families like ours is invaluable. We have not been able to get the correct levels of support necessary from the ‘system’. Now we know you are there with your vast experience to listen, help and advise and give solace in the future and at worst of times, to rebuild our confidence. Keep up your excellent work NOFAS-UK.’
Mother of two children with FASD

‘Very thought provoking, emotional course. Surprised at how little alcohol it can take to cause this condition. More people need to be made aware of the dangers of alcohol in pregnancy.’