No AlcohoMidwives DVD Coverl, No Risk

“No Alcohol, No Risk” comes with a teaching plan to assist and educate midwives, families, schools and other bodies about the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

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 My Brain, Me and FASD

Read-a-long with this popular booklet to help those with FASD better understand their brains.


preg-pause ‘Pregnant Pause’ Flash Mob

NOFAS-UK started the first Pregnant Pause Flash Mob in 2010 on FASD International Day (9/9) which grabbed people’s attention and it spread virally among many countries and now many countries are doing it on the same day.


mw-trainingMidwife training day

Midwives Study Day was created by NOFAS-UK for Diageo, to provide positive health information to midwives. NOFAS-UK organises study days all over the UK for midwives.


Alcohol-eggAlcohol and egg video

This video will explain about the effects of alcohol on egg. If alcohol can affect an egg, it can equally affect a foetus.



Advice-for-familiesVideo for families about FASD

This video gives detailed information about FASD, the life of the children with this lifelong disabilities and its diagnosis.




GP-adviseVideo for GPs about FASD

GPs are given diagnosis advice about visible signs such as the facial features in FAS, as well as FASD characteristics which may be invisible. They are advised to reach to clinical geneticists and community paediatricians for referrals.



fasd-adviceVideo for pregnant women about FASD

FASD is a preventable disability and pregnant women are advised not to drink during pregnancy to avoid this lifelong disability as alcohol may affect the fetus in all stages of development.