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Watch this space! NOFAS-UK is launching a new series of e-learning courses

NOFAS-UK’s e-learning platform has long been a go-to place for individuals seeking to learn more about FASD, with thousands having taken our prior course. With so many changes happening in the UK with regard to FASD in recent years, we have taken down our prior online course temporarily so we can upgrade and revise its contents.

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Joanna Buckard of Red Balloon Training, one of the country’s leading FASD trainers, to create new cutting-edge courses targeted specifically for those in England.  “Introduction to FASD,” the first of our new courses, will be available by November 2020. It will include new state-of-the-art features (videos, interactive elements, downloadable content) and England-specific content and videos that we are co-producing with input from those with lived experience and working in cooperation with the dynamic team at the Little Man Project.

This “Introduction to FASD” course is uniquely backed by the credibility of a long-standing national organisation. Having been actively engaged in raising awareness of FASD since 2003, NOFAS-UK has a deep insight into the many aspects of this topic. Our course will provide opportunities for CPD accreditation and will be reviewed annually by leading experts to ensure we are providing current, science-based information.

We are able to arrange bulk early-bird licenses for those CCGs or organisations who might want to budget ahead for this resource. We have plans to release other courses on more specific topics in 2021, once the “Introduction to FASD” course is live.  To find out more about bulk licenses, please email Thank you!!