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2019 Brain Base: FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days

For details about last year’s programme, click here. Great fun was had by all!

We had an amazing Brain Base 2019. A huge thanks to all the young people, parents/carers and speakers who joined us! And especially to the talented team that made this possible. More details will be available soon from our event.

Participants shared their ‘stay cool’ strategies. This was made into a poem and acted out in the final showcase.

This “Stay Cool Toolkit” is designed to help them remember things we covered.

Final logistics, bios and schedule

Young Person’s Pack

A generous and exciting offer from OurBoards – OurBoards are donating a free gift for all attending the 2019 Brain Base and a 20% discount for all families connected with NOFAS-UK who order from their website with the code NOFAS2019. See for their full range of visual planners.

FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days

The Brain Base: FASD Wellbeing Summer Fun Days
28-30 August 2018
Co-organised by NOFAS-UK and the E. Herts & Area FASD Support Network this pilot programme brought smiles to the faces of young people with FASD and those who love them from across the country. We hope to build on this summer’s experience next year, we are seeking funding to bring this innovative programme to different parts of the country, working in cooperation with local partners via the FASD UK Alliance.


Brain Base – Overview & Evaluation

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FASD Wellbeing Workshop – Living in the Here and Now

On 28 October 2017, the first NOFAS-UK FASD Wellbeing Workshop, ‘Living in the Here and Now,’ featured Dr Cassie Jackson, Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist, and Andy Jackson, member National FASD Advisory Committee. The workshop featured presentations followed by Q&A (not filmed) and scenarios for small group problem solving. NOFAS-UK seeks to maximise the impact of these workshops by freely sharing the insights and content.  You are not alone!

Dr C. Jackson “Living in the Here and Now” NOFAS-UK FASD Wellbeing Workshop (PDF)

Top tips from the small group breakout sessions: Continue reading

London FASD Wellbeing Workshops

NOFAS-UK provides support for individuals and familiessample_164_100

We have re-branded our London support group, to emphasise our focus on promoting positive strategies for living with FASD.  Presentations from our newly framed Wellbeing Workshops will be videotaped and made available for all, along with related resources and any supporting materials.

For ongoing support

NOFAS-UK is proud to be a member of the FASD UK Alliance, a coalition of groups and individuals from across the UK who are united together for positive social change for those affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). The FASD UK Alliance has support groups spread across the UK.

In addition, the FASD UK Alliance hosts the largest and most vibrant UK online support group on Facebook: FASD UK. Please consider joining us there for daily support and insights.

The NOFAS-UK helpline is 020 8458 5951.  Our helpline advisor is available on Wednesdays if you would like to speak with someone from NOFAS-UK, or you can email

If you are in crisis

Please know there is always help via the Samaritans, 24/7, free any time, from any phone if you dial 116 123.