The Beginning of NOFAS-UK

Susan’s Story


Susan and Addie aged 4

I adopted my beautiful daughter Addie when she was three years old. At the time of my daughter’s adoption, I was not aware that her birth mother’s drinking would hurt my daughter for the rest of her life.It was only as Addie grew up that the full impact of FAS become apparent. Individuals with FAS can exhibit attention deficits, hyperactivity, immature behaviour and learning difficulties, along with growth deficiencies and a distinct pattern of facial anomalies. About 50% of people with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome have varied levels of delayed development. However, as my daughter grew up, I looked around for support and information in the UK only to find that very little existed. Not only is there very little information about the risks of FAS available to the general public, but also there is minimal support for children and families who struggle everyday with it and the wider spectrum of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

I set up NOFAS-UK with the goal of raising awareness, increasing public education and supporting individuals with FASD, their families and carers.

Susan Fleisher, Former Executive Director (2003-2016) & Founder of NOFAS-UK